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this is a fox news alert. the united states is closer to taking military action in syria. president obama says he hasn't made a decision yet, but that he is considering limited, narrow action in response to the chemical weapons attack. ed henry is at the white house monitoring the situation. ed joins us now. ed? >> reporter: andrea, good to see you. after days of laying low on syria, the president let his secretary of state, john kerry, take the lead on this issue twice this week. he came out a short time ago and spoke out, went after president assad in syria by basically saying this is a challenge to the world right now to step up and lead in the wake of this gas
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attack that killed, according to the administration, over 1400 people, mostly women and children inside syria. but the president now finds himself in a very difficult position. this is a nobel peace prize winner, someone that ran for president in 2008 saying you have to go to the u.n., you have to get congressional authorization before you act militarily. now standing alone on the world stage, pushing basically for unilateral u.s. military action, the president seeing his reset with russia, now in tatters at the united nations, his ally not delivering on building a coalition yesterday. so the president stepped up today, started making his case. said he hadn't made a final decision, but started to make a case for u.s. military action and basically cast himself as a reluctant warrior. take a listen. >> this kind of attack is a challenge to the world.
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we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well established international norms against the use of chemical weapons, by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region like israel, turkey, and jordan, and increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists that might use them against us. >> the president also said there's nobody who is more war we ary than him. remember, he called iraq a dumb war when he first came out against it running for president, ran in part on the fact he opposed the war in iraq. today he was trying to make it clear again and again, this is going to be unlike iraq, saying there would be no ground troops,
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if he moves forward, no ground troops committed to syria, number one, number two, saying it would not be an open ended commitment. number three, his secretary of state, john kerry today, part of a release of a four page intelligence assessment by the administration why they believe assad was behind the gas attack on august 21st, and kerry explicitly said this is unlike iraq. we're sure the intelligence is right. the intelligence community in this case saying they have a high degree of confidence they can pin it on assad, andrea. >> the question i was going to ask is about that intelligence. how do they know? al qaeda has nuclear weapons or chemical weapons. we know they have used them before. how do they know it isn't al qaeda to lead the united states saying hey, fight the war against assad so we can rise to power. how sure are they, ed? >> reporter: they're insisting they're very sure, that label of high degree of confidence is the
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highest level the intelligence community will put out there, so given the iraq experience for this administration to go on a limb like this, you would think th evidence. what they laid out was so-called signal intelligence, human intelligence. they have at least one intercept of a conversation that they believe shows that assad commanders were involved in the chemical attack. they believe that they've got the intelligence to back it up to say the regime was behind this, but you're absolutely correct that, you know, there was a report by the associated press just 24 hours ago saying there were mid level officials that looked at the intelligence, are not quite as convinced as people at the upper levels, and are worried some of the chemical weapons may not have always been in the hands of the regime, could have gotten in the hands of the rebels. given the iraq experience, the administration has to be very careful before the president gives the go signal.
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>> ed, strikes me what you have here is a situation where the syrians are really a proxy for what's going on with iran and the western powers, especially israel in this matter, and yet the administration says their goal is not to knock out the assad regime, this is not about regime change. they want someone that the rebels can negotiate with. but how can you constrain the attack as to not just take this guy out? >> reporter: juan, a great point on a number of levels. number one, the administration's policy for two years has been that assad has to go. when jay carney came in the briefing room two, three days ago, told us in the press corp if we move forward with military action, let's be clear, it will not be regime change, that was quizzical looks. one hand, assad has to go. on the other hand, if we take military action, we're not pushing him out. today the president said we have to look out for the allies,
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jordan and israel, that could be attacked as well as turkey. turkish prime minister erdogan a few moments ago put out a statement saying he is concerned that the policy should be regime change, and in fact, as one of our key allies, he thinks the goal of any military action should be taking assad out. here is one of our allies that president obama is citing in turkey, and they're saying the opposite of what he is whether or not regime change would be the goal. >> we're three years into civil war in syria, 100,000 believed to be dead. now all of a sudden, the administration believes the chemical weapons killed 1400 people and it is go time. what's the whisper when go time is in washington, d.c.? i am scratching my head trying to figure out what's the rush. we need to spend time finding out what's happening there first. >> reporter: the assumption is it would be at least until after saturday, that's when the u.n.
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weapons inspectors are scheduled to leave, and certainly the u.s. government would not want to allow assad to use the weapons inspectors as human shields or have them in the way and potentially be harmed. so in terms of a timetable, you would expect it would be at least until after saturday. you raise a good point why is this all of a sudden raising the administration's consciousness. bottom line is 120,000 people at least according to the u.n. and others have been killed in syria the last couple years, as you say. so as awful as it is that apparently about 1400 people were killed by the gas attack, what about the 120,000 others? i asked the administration that question this week in the briefing room, why is this tipping the balance, and i think there's two reasons. one is that they can't pin the 120,000 deaths on assad, in this case with the chemical attack, they think the intelligence will show them, allow them to bring it to the international community and say look, they violated international norms here, we have to go in.
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secondly, the one the administration doesn't want to admit, the president put out a red line, not about 120,000 killed by conventional means but one year ago this month at a news conference at the white house, the president set up a red line on the use of chemical weapons, so he has to back up that rhetoric. they don't want to acknowledge that, because then it looks like he is doing it symbolically and not really as a clear military mission. that's why i think there are a lot of lawmakers, not just republicans, but some democrats on the hill saying what's the real mission, are you going to decimate assad's military, make it different and help the rebels, or is this backing the president's red line rhetoric. >> ed, has the white house expressed any concern about retaliatory attack on israel, should we go into syria, have a military strike there, are they expressing concern about what iran might do in retaliation to us and attacking israel? >> reporter: they have. there's a number of ways to answer that. one is secretary of state kerry, you mention iran, juan did as
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well, if the u.s. doesn't back up the rhetoric of a year ago about crossing a red line, that sends a signal to assad he can kill more people, sends a signal to iran and others that the u.s. word doesn't mean anything, and they may go on, do all kinds of other things, number one. number two, if we attack syria, yes, there's concern inside the administration, that's one of the calculations i'm told holding up the debate now is what happens then, does assad turn his fire on israel. but the fact of the matter is assad even if the u.s. does not attack syria, assad could go after israel with chemical weapons or other means, even if the u.s. doesn't get involved, so this is one of those -- there's basically a couple bad choices for the administration now. if you go in, maybe they'll go after our allies like israel, turkey, jordan. if you don't go in, let assad go on with impunity, he can do all
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kinds of things. >> has president obama e-mailed assad the exact addresses of the targets yet? >> reporter: no, some of the leaks which is what you're probably getting at have been a little too detailed. >> right. >> reporter: there has to be frustration over the fact that assad, number one, had a lot of time to move assets and what not, the administration has been deliberating. maybe that's a good thing, maybe the administration shouldn't be rushing into anything, as i think was noted earlier by eric. on the other hand, this has given assad time to prepare for this. number two, there have been specific leaks in "the new york times" and elsewhere that suggested specific areas where we might bomb that just is completely absurd. the other thing when you mention whether he e-mailed or anything, you probably heard about one of assad's children allegedly going on facebook and daring president obama to attack. we see social media getting involved. >> i think obama defriended him
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after that. >> probably said omg after that. >> ed henry at the white house, thank you so much, ed. sorry about your labor day weekend being ruined by that. great reporting. we'll follow you all week long. thank you. so president obama right now could be taking unilateral action as yesterday the british said they're not going to come with us if we go, the french are also considering it, but right now, it is just president obama, which is a very different tact than he took in 2012. flashback to what president obama said last year about going at it alone. >> with respect to syria, what's happening in syria is heartbreaking and outrageous, and what you have seen is the international community mobilize against the assad regime for us to take military action, unilaterally as someone suggested, or to think that somehow there's some simple solution i think is a mistake.
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>> eric, isn't that about what he is going to do? >> i listened to john kerry's announcement, i listened to president obama also. i think i figured this out. this is about ego, this is about president obama's ego, he wants to save face, said i am drawing a red line a year ago, it has been crossed twice. he is more inclined to go now because it violated his red line, and it is also about him defending america and america's ego when he says we have to do this or north korea or iran see we're weak. we're going to have to go kill people in syria, we have to do it because we're america. i think it is a bad idea. >> we have to check the box. >> i agree it is a bad idea. i don't like it because i think the middle east is a mess, i don't think us getting in there is going to necessarily solve questions. when i heard today the president, i hear john kerry say this is about iran, that's why i said to ed henry, it is a proxy
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war with iran. you have to be clear with iran, don't get the wrong message here, buddy. don't think you can get away with using chemical weapons or nukes without immediate and strong response from the united states. i think okay, if that's what you're doing, get more buy in from me. i don't get the buy in for getting involved in the syrian mess. >> greg, syrians have been gassed, we didn't see that reaction when four americans died in benghazi. >> it is strange. how much does this matter to the united states? since syria happened, what have we not been talking about? it was just last week and it rhymes with the word egypt. egypt vanished like a matt damon movie. we don't talk about it. the middle east is essentially a lazy susan. you spin it, there's always a new strife or crisis to find. when that one goes away, another one. i want to bring up another
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thing. i have to congratulate president obama. he invented a new strategy, the opposite of the element of surprise, it is called the element of here it comes. tell them when the attack will happen, they move their stuff into a basement, you go oh, never mind, then assad probably left syria, in the east village probably getting pizza. prime minister cameron, this is the first time the prime minister lost a war vote in the house of commons since 1782. i know that because harry reid blamed it on the tea party. >> general valali returned from syria, he said he believes assad left the country. say we go in for a couple of days, send missiles in, check the box, save face. president obama can look tough. who will replace him if we do take him out, or say we don't, isn't that a bit embarrassing for the united states? >> it is. we talked about this yesterday, talked about how there's no plan b. we have seen the consequences that come when you don't have
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plan b, seen it in egypt, libya, all over the place. it was interesting today, you had john kerry, secretary of state now, saying assad is a thug and murderer. two years ago, you had former secretary of state hillary clinton saying assad was a reformer. you also i thought -- where was president obama today? why was the first major address to the country about syria coming from the secretary of state? i mean, john kerry's speech was pretty powerful, whether you agreed with it or not, it was powerful, he was alone at the podium, talked directly to the american people, while president obama gives a four minute talk surrounded by other people, and distracted, which he wouldn't let the press cover live, and says a couple things with this kind of lazy attitude of well, we just have to do something. why does the secretary of state look like president kerry while president obama is waiting to tell us what's going on. >> obama was leading from behind kerry. >> exactly. >> let me tell you, you got to stop hating on obama in this situation. there's a huge difference
2:16 pm
between what's going on in syria now with the use of chemical weapons and what was going on a year or two years ago. >> hold on. that's very different. juan, we saw video of saddam hussein gassing a village. democrats sat around, said -- >> you're trying to get payback for what happened with the destruction in iraq -- >> i don't think we should invade. here is what i am saying. this president let the muslim brotherhood rise in egypt, let al qaeda rise up in libya. what happens, who is going to replace assad? there's no game plan, no follow-up plan. he hasn't made the case to the country or to congress. what are we doing? >> of course we have a plan. but the thing is you sit here and everybody is acting like they know exactly what to do. they're going to blame obama if he goes in or doesn't. ahead on "the five," facebook friday. go to
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ask away. this week, 50 years since mlk's "i have a dream" speech. why today's crop of civil rights leaders is morally bankrupt and corrupt? hear more from juan when we come back. ♪ cent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar
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♪ wednesday marked 50 years since martin luther king junior's famous "i have a dream" speech in washington, d.c. the struggle for civil rights, pursuit of king's dream, something i've written about, cared about my entire life. it's a story that's got to be told, but it must be told correctly. some of today's black leaders and kmcommentators are driving nuts, comparing with trayvon martin and emmitt till. >> during this time, trayvon martin paralleled to emmitt till, in my mind, the same thing. >> we march because in the 50s it was emmitt till. now it is trayvon martin. >> let me tell you, so we have this very clear, on the record, what happened to emmitt till,
2:22 pm
august 28th, 1955, that this kid visiting mississippi from chicago was said to have wolf whistled at a 21-year-old white woman, carolyn bryant, then goes back to a shack where he is staying with a distant uncle, great uncle, and three or four days later the woman's husband comes in the night with his stepbrother, drags him out of bed. they spend the entire night beating emmitt till to a pulp, to a pulp, then they take him out, shoot him in the head, then take his bullet ridden beaten body, wrap a cotton gin, throw it in the talahatchie river. how is that the equal of what happened between george zimmerman and trayvon martin? i don't know. but people think somehow with their grievance agenda it is. it lessens the credibility of today's civil rights movement.
2:23 pm
greg? >> you know what, i didn't need a civil rights movement, i'm just a white guy. maybe there will be one for short white people that smoke, i don't know. it is hard for me to say. i do believe there's kind of a battle for survival in this movement and a movement should police itself. how did sharpton get up there, if he is a leader, i am a labradoodle. there's a corruption of exclusion. hate conservatives all you want, their ideas seem to work. >> i agree. i feel there's been one side of the story. this week a lot of back and forth about who was invited, who wasn't invited. on a lot of different issues in the civil rights movement, voter id is one example. we aren't hearing a lot from conservatives, african americans that support voter id. as you said, to compare emmitt till to trayvon martin, it makes me -- it is disgusting, makes me very sad, to distort history
2:24 pm
that way. ruins the credibility of how serious that issue was. the problem is it won't prevent that happening in the future. >> i hope it doesn't happen in the future. >> if you breakdown a situation and don't take it for what it was, it could happen again. >> and i will ask eric to get involved, here is what mark mory had to say about the supreme court. >> somewhere along the way, white sheets were traded for button down white shirts. attack dogs and water hoses were traded for tasingers, widespread implementation of stop and frisk policies. nooses were traded for hand cuffs. >> i don't get it again. sounds like he wants to equate 1950 to today. there's just no way. >> there's a market for it. clearly if the al sharptons, marc moriels, they say
2:25 pm
provocative things, put race in it, people start to listen. people feel they have been wronged and gravitate to that. my problem, there's perfect opportunity for president obama and black leaders to say we had struggles in the past, but going forward we have to fix the problems, the problems of the breakup of the family unit, fathers that are leaving, mothers bearing children, 72% are unwed, those are the types of things they need to be addressing, not it is still bad because trayvon martin is proof. >> i think race is still an issue in american society, extremely race conscious society, but i worry that they're wasting their credibility when they don't tell people the exact truth, don't understand that emmitt till is not the equivalent of trayvon martin. >> president obama is not going to point to the real problems because he pledged to fix them, black unemployment, not enough blacks graduating four year
2:26 pm
colleges. now we made a lot of progress, but they distract, drop the ball so they can stay in power. they keep the country divided for their own power lust and political gain, and it is really, juan, i have to tell you, it is really unfortunate. you mention they have the 1963 mindset. it is almost as if someone took a remote control and paused it in 1963. those speeches sound like we're there. >> can i make one positive point, relatively speaking, humans on the planet 2,000 years, this is new, this country is new. there are good men, bad men in all movements. whites had plenty of sharl ton leaders. maybe it is time for stage two. >> i hope so. attention, parents, if you don't send your kids to public schools, you're a bad person. at least that's what one columnist thinks. greg will tell us about it when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ according to a writer at the liberal blog, you are a bad person if you send your children to private school. it is surprising to hear you being labeled bad for not agreeing. alton benedict says you must put them in public education, then shared suffering will force improvement in the schools. it could take generations, for awhile the kids will suffer, but it is worth it for the common good. what about parents that send them to private schools for religious reasons, because the kids have behavioral issues, benedict says it is not a compelling reason, until we witness the spirit of the leaky campus. preach tolerance, but only for their ideas. what you left out, compliance. what if you don't want to do what she says. the phrase common good allowed for awful people make good people do things against their
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world, called bashism. once government takes over, bad is acceptable and doesn't get better until you're dead. without the engine of competition, all roads to hell of paved for the common good. i can forgive the writer, she claims she had a terrible public education, her ridiculous article is gold plated proof of results of a bad public school. i wonder how many enrolled their kids in private after reading it. juan, is the point valid. there's something to be said. she says if everybody had to go to public school, wasn't able to opt out to private, then public schools would be forced to improve. does that make any sense? >> some sense to me. the argument could be made well, you know what, if everybody is in there, upper class parents, people with more education, more money, will demand better results, more political power, so you're going to get better schools. but hey, you know what, that doesn't mean your kids get good
2:33 pm
results. my kid is in school 12 years. i want the best for my child now, not looking long term. >> but it is not just rich parents that demand better of the schools, it is actually very poor parents in poor areas that are locked into these schools and their kids don't have the choice to go to a better school, a school of choice. i don't think putting everyone in the same public school system improves, you're not treating the problem. the problem is teachers' unions, not basing pay or tenure on performance, basing it whether they show up or not. we don't treat that problem. if there's no competition with charter schools, private schools, home schooling, the public school system will get worse. >> i am a big fan of school reform, i am all for it. but i do think that if you have powerful parents in the school, you get more results. >> wait. is this saying president obama is a bad person for sending them to private school? i guess he is. public schools have a lot of
2:34 pm
control now and are mucking it up, can't get it right. this is all about control. they want to control our kids. if we can get them all under our watch, controlled by department of education, with this new curriculum we push down their throats, we can control them, give them plan b, teach them the history of garbage, teach them things like compost classes. >> i enjoyed that. eric, the crux of the argument, you see it a lot, if you disagree with me, you are a bad person. >> or you're not a socialist like me. if everyone shares the common good, shares the common responsibility, common good, that's the definition of socialism. wants all the kids to go to the same school, everyone puts into the group so that everyone takes out. you take out what you need, put
2:35 pm
in what you can. >> i am in an odd position. not only did i send my children to public school, i went -- private school, i went to a private school. but she has a point. >> competition destroys -- >> 98% of american children go to public schools. who doesn't go to public schools typically is people of means and wealth and high level of education. you know -- >> that's why you should open it up to give, if you really want to spread the wealth around, give kids that are less fortunate the opportunity to go to some of the public schools. that would be a great argument for -- private school, someone like you. >> the failing public school system opened it up, allows students that aren't as privileged and parents that don't have a lot of money to make the decision where they send them. >> the logic if you get more people involved in a public program, the program will improve or the system will
2:36 pm
improve, ann coulter points to the public bathroom as an example. >> that's what they say about obama care, get them in one place and control them, it would be great. when we come back, you have questions and we have nothing -- i mean we have answers. go to >> rnc? >> you said rnc. >> the five, fnc. >> okay. ♪ humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's,
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a lot of questions. we will try to get to as many as we can. first question to everybody. when was the last time you worked for minimum wage, from douglas. minimum wagers? >> i was a gardener at the brooklyn botanical when i was 14, 15 years old. >> last time, 20 years old waitressing. >> greg? >> bottled soda. >> i was a hostess at 19 for minimum wage. >> that was three years ago. >> yeah. >> to all. does anyone watch the nfl, what's your favorite team. can i take this first? i live for the nfl, i love the nfl. i haven't seen them.
2:42 pm
i can watch any two teams play and love it. >> you are running for political office. >> i am not running. >> i like watching the nfl on fox, but the problem is my wife likes to go to the game. people fight there, drunk. sometimes they want to fight with me. >> i hate the nfl but love the green bay packers. >> who's the team, do you have a team? >> well, it is the eagles, speaking of drunk fighting, but i'm really a college football fan. i love to watch college football, it starts this weekend. my boyfriend played quarterback at berkeley. the cal bears. >> bear down. >> let me just say, rgiii is back. >> question to andrea. you say you have twerked in your
2:43 pm
past. how can you condemn miley cyrus for doing the same thing and do you have a video of that by chance? >> no video. whew. there's a difference between what miley did and what i was referring to as twerking. the definition in oxford dictionary says any kind of suggesting dancing to popular music using hip jie racials. i did not do that. clothes were on. >> what form of twerking, the miley form or andrea form? >> i was never doing the miley form, stuck with the andrea form. >> greg, how did you develop your monologue style from kathleen g. >> this is the most sexist question. i should be asked how did i develop my twerking style. months in front of a mirror wearing a speedos. monologue style, i get up in the
2:44 pm
morning and write. >> i was amused one day, i was with gregory in the gym, there was gregory on the treadmill writing the monologue. >> you write them on the treadmill? >> i write everything, get on the stair climber, i get there and write while doing that. >> do you speak into something? >> i write. like this. i have a clipboard. i sit there and do this on the stair climber. >> you have to witness it. i am a witness. >> my question is quick. are you training for marathons, no, i love to run. katie, tell us about yourself, education, where you live. >> arizona, now live outside of washington, d.c. >> juan, are you -- this is a good one. more free to speak your real thoughts than you were at npr? >> no question. it is funny because you would think that npr, i would have been free to say what i want to say. now does anybody care what i say
2:45 pm
on fox? i don't know. nobody tells me what to say. >> down side, you don't have a tote bag. >> i don't ask you for money! >> all right. that's it. we have to go. up next, hot button issue in the battle of the sexes. do men or women feel better or worse when their partner is successful. surprising answer coming up next. ♪ when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
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♪ okay, here is a question. have you ever accomplished something great in your life, ended up bruising your partner's self esteem? not a coincidence. eric, what's the deal with this? >> i understood that the woman or significant other made more money, was more successful, the man would feel bad, i can understand that. i can't understand you feel bad if the spouse succeeded, makes you feel worse if she fails.
2:50 pm
>> is this a subconscious thing? >> there should be no scientific study on feelings, it is a scam. no thing as self esteem, low self esteem, you're measuring fluctuations. like measuring the change in your pocket. it changes, it is pointless. >> andrea, you're successful. >> no, i know a guy that was like that, got jealous of success and had feelings of insecurity. the younger guys are, takes them longer to mature, make money, they feel more confident when they get older. greg was a men's magazine editor. men's magazine give you tips how to pick up a hot woman in a bar. never give tips how to handle a successful one. >> how ironic on giving the tips. >> some guys maybe feel like that. a lot that don't. >> the fact is we live in a time when there are more cases where
2:51 pm
women are the big earners in the household, younger men have an easier time, it is older guys that are personally threatened by it. i must tell you, i married a woman much smarter than i am, not saying that just to be nice. it is a fact, jack. you know why i did it? i wanted someone to push me. >> i don't know if she's smarter than you, the fact you said that on national tv. >> people think i am kissing up, but it is the truth. >> i met your wife. >> she used to make up the tests, results of the sat math, she was doing it. >> you were out pretty late last night, weren't you? >> ha-ha-ha! >> like when you give your wife roses, you know something is up! >> i don't know if this is fair to pin on the woman. why is it when she's successful, there has to be resentment. >> that's a good point. i know a lot of women that are bothered by the fact the
2:52 pm
husbands don't make more than them, they want them to. >> maybe that's why they feel bad. greg, this is a good quote for you. talks about boy play time interaction is marked by dominance striving, also feelings. >> i disagree completely. coming up next, one more thing. don't go away. we'll be right back. ♪
2:53 pm
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2:56 pm
it is time for one more thing. juan. >> well, andrea, guess what? our friend donald trump is bucking the trend when it comes to miley cyrus. here is what he had to say. >> miley, don't let them get you down, they're all jealous. >> jealous? wow. this is unbelievable. if ever there was confirmation she made a mistake, that was it. when you get donald trump on your side, telling you it is okay to whatever, twerk, whatever, you know you made a big, big, big mistake. >> you know why he is on her side? >> no. >> future wife. >> you shouldn't have said it. terrible, man. >> eric? >> okay, my one more thing. i cashed in vo, josh showed
2:57 pm
pictures of himself half naked. we do have it. cashing in tomorrow, we will do a labor day edition. the oldest brewery in america. >> pennsylvania, baby. >> 11:30 tomorrow. check it out. >> i went to school in pennsylvania. that was a steady drink, buddy. >> the pride of pennsylvania. >> there's not much that can stop new yorkers in their tracks, but the power lines were cut on the subway yesterday to the b and q lines more than an hour because there were kittens on the loose, and they were rescued after seven hours. the kittens are safe, but the entire system for the b and q lines was shut down for an hour to save these little guys. keep track of your pets, people. i am sure there are angry new
2:58 pm
yorkers in a hurry to go somewhere. but they found them. >> those were huge rats. >> that's what you see on the tracks. >> put more in the subway system to kill the rats, that's a good idea. >> that's actually a great idea. >> the rats would kill the kittens. >> better than bloomberg's idea, sterilize the rats. he has some doozies. >> five days straight of bad phrases. here is another. issues. when a guy gets caught wearing a dress and leather mask in a public restroom at bryant park, you don't say he has issues, he is a creep. sorry, mr. doosy, want to make it clear. >> definitely. >> peter is in the washington bureau, a normal person.
2:59 pm
>> all right. this is an interesting one. a 37-year-old chimpanzee entered an online art contest, there he is, the future picasso, and won. he won $10,000. what did everyone else do this week? can you believe that? that's the painting that won the chimpanzee from a sanctuary in louisiana, the winner of 10,000 big ones. greg, you also entered that under the name snuggles. >> i did it to pick up an artist not to enter. >> i have done similar work like that. usually after a night of drinking. >> that was a good piece of artwork. >> it is pretty amazing. like your tie, juan. >> look at that! quite similar to the tie! >> and used his tongue to do it. that's the detail i left out. greg it as well. thanks for watching, everybody.
3:00 pm
be sure to tune in monday for the special day labor day edition of "the five." have a great holiday weekend. "special report" is up next. obama administration puts it in writing, laying out a case for military action against syria. this is "special report." good evening, i am doug mcelway in for bret baier. we finally got a look at some of the evidence this afternoon that president obama says puts the blame for last week's chemical attack on damascus squarely at the feet of the assad regime. many at home and abroad are unconvinced military action is about saving lives and not saving face for the president. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon has the latest on preparation for battle. james rosen at the state

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